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Complex topic manager and structured project manager.

Katy Bartsch deals with complex corporate issues. She advises companies on their change projects, strategy and change issues.

Whether it's story development, conception, strategy development or internal communication campaigns - with an eye on content, target group and channels, she drives and implements her clients' topics. She is convinced that the direct exchange between executives and their teams via new internal platforms and dialog formats greatly advances an organization - especially with the current pressure to innovate and change.

Katy Bartsch has studied communication and media studies as well as cultural studies at the University of Leipzig. She is with Klenk & Hoursch at the Hamburg office since 2017. Previously, she looked after national and international clients in the area of brand communications at various communications agencies.


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Katy Bartsch

Senior Consultant

Mehr über Interne Kommunikation und Change Kommunikation erfahren?


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