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We carved values in stone


Quality, reliable

Quality is what distinguishes us. Mediocrity is not a unit of measurement for us. This also applies to our commitment to reliability. We are strong sprinters but always keep an eye on the long distance. We say what we think and do what we say. This is how we create long-term relationships based on partnership.


Creativity, targeted

We develop innovative campaigns that are targeted precisely. Because we know that creative, emotional elements are at the heart of effective communication, we love courageous ideas that provoke.


Efficiency, pragmatic

In the digital age, the fast is often more important than the perfect. Implementing a pragmatic solution on time without compromising high quality standards is better than looking for the perfect solution. For us, therefore, order is not a state, but a principle of success.


Strengths, diverse

We strive for a diverse range of specialists and characters. We support them by granting room to maneuver and promoting initiatives wherever possible. Enjoying being praised while possessing the ability to respond positively to criticism make better every day, personally and professionally.


Fun, culture-constituting

Quality and client satisfaction go hand in hand and both are fueled by fun. At work, with colleagues and clients, everywhere else in between. But all the while treating everyone with respect. We are fast, open, direct and straightforward, avoid doggedness and maintain fun as a cornerstone of our culture.


Ambition, passionate

We are passionate, ambitious communications professionals. We are happy when we work hard and we always aim high – for our clients. We want to see our work honored and appreciated. This desire is very important and a great motivation for us.


We provided 160,000 euros in communication support by our employees for the Frankfurter Kinderhilfe.