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Change Communications

When it gets down to the wire.

Digital transformation, restructuring and strategy change require getting down to brass tacks. Of course, the change strategy has to be right. In times of upheaval, only meaningful communication can give employees the direction they need.

We support management and communicators by working on credible solutions which employees and executives buy into. The goal: to generate consistent communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation.

To do this, we provide digital tools and offer creative sessions with agile methods, based on scrum and design thinking, in offsite and dialogical large group formats.

Over the past years, we have supported many highly complex change processes.

6 Prof  Dr  Volker Klenk

Prof. Dr. Volker Klenk


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„The biggest mistakes are made in the early phases of a change process.“ 

Prof. Dr. Volker Klenk

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