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Executive Communications

Who's got nothing to say is no leader

Everyone’s watching. Everyone’s listening. Today’s society has extremely high expectations in terms of leaders’ availability, accessibility, depth of knowledge, foresight, ability to make decisions and empathy. This enormous pressure forces top managers to systematically analyse and strategically plan their individual and collective executive communications.

We support managers by asking the following questions: how do I communicate, so that people are the best advocates for the company? And for my success? How do I communicate my (new) position, my (new) project responsibilities, my (new) role? What is my personal communication strategy?

The purpose is for efficient communication to enable good leadership. One thing’s for sure: he who does not have anything meaningful to say or who does not say it right, is no boss. Or at the very least, not a good one.

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Stephan Hoursch


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„Executives must take up a strong position. Their communication is critical for success.“ 

Stephan Hoursch