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Our application process

We are looking for real characters who know their strengths and want to grow and shake things up with us. That’s why we invest lots of time in determining whether applicant and agency are compatible:

This multi-stage process allows us to get a good picture of you – and you can get a good impression of us in return.

Zahl 1

Step 1

If your application is convincing, we will invite you to an interview with the agency’s long-standing managers. During the interview we will introduce you to the agency, our working methods and our culture. Of course, we would also like to get an impression of you.

Zahl 2

Step 2

A written test which allows us to better assess your capabilities. Perhaps this can be compared to an entrance test for a journalism school: General knowledge, industry-specific questions, a few finger exercises, a few brain teasers. Everyone has to take it every year since 2003. It's actually fun ;-P

Zahl 3

Step 3

If your test and interview are convincing we will invite you to a joint brainstorming session – in this way you can get to know more of our colleagues, and we will get a better feel for how you approach things. And of course you are welcome to work with us for a day to experience even more of our daily routine.

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