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Praise from clients: what really matters

All quotations come from our annual client satisfaction surveys.

Over the course of these active enquiries our clients have assessed our quality using around 2,500 tick boxes since 2005. The result: 96% rate our services as good or very good. Here is a small sample, and we’d be happy to send you further references on request.

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„My favorite thing about Klenk & Hoursch is that the team takes responsibility and implements client projects with professionalism and enthusiasm 100% reliably.“

Peter Medina, Director, Central Europe & Netherlands
Insightec, Kunde seit Dezember 2019

Scout 24

„Uncomplicated, result-oriented, creative. It's simply fun to work with the Klenk & Hoursch team.“

Ergin Iyilikci, Vice President Corporate Communications
Scout24-Gruppe, client since 2007


„What I find best about Klenk & Hoursch is the well-balanced relationship between strategy, creative ideas and the approach to doing things, as well as the direct nature and transparency of the collaboration.“

Oliver Zilcher, Head of Corporate Communications
TARGOBANK, client since 2006


„Klenk & Hoursch has capable strategists who also do a great job in implementation. The price-performance ratio is right. And in the end they don't produce hot air, but results - that's crucial.“

Michael Eichel, Director Corporate Communications
Mast-Jägermeister, client since 2008


„Klenk & Hoursch is a synthesis of experience and resourcefulness - of thinking and doing. I think that's good.“

Johannes Friedemann, Head of Corporate Communications
comdirect, client since 2004


„Thank you for making things possible for Photokina that one could not expect. My Korean colleagues simply said, "This is the best PR agency we've ever worked with. A sentence that I can sign one hundred percent.“

Roman Laufer, Director PR & Sponsorship
Cheil Germany / Samsung Group, client from 2006 to 2008


„Internationally, we have worked with many PR agencies. The Klenk & Hoursch team is characterized by sovereignty and professional competence. They identify so much with iMakler that the cooperation is very pleasant. The very good results of the proactive PR work speak for themselves. We are delighted to have the team on our side.“

Robert Koning, Managing Partner
iMakler, client from 2007 to 2008


„What I like best about Klenk & Hoursch is the truly honest, trustworthy, partnership-based cooperation at eye level and the enormous breadth of expertise without the need for a high level of consulting fuss. Brain, heart, hand is not only marketing, but is lived.“

Mike Kronfellner, Director Marketing & Communication
BearingPoint, client since 2008

Aegis Media

„The well-balanced mixture of professionalism and partnership is what sets Klenk & Hoursch apart. The leitmotif is not just a promise, it is the agency's self-image. Communicates, promises, lives: brain, heart, hand.“

Judith Weiand, Director Corporate Communications
Aegis Media, client since 2006

Von Rundstedt

„No. 3: I love my job because working with excellent service providers is a pleasure. #MyJob @klenkhoursch @b_zwitschert“

Tanja Jankowski, Head of Public Relations
von Rundstedt, client since 2008


„What I find best about Klenk & Hoursch is the very open way of dealing with each other and with customers, but also with criticism and learning together. I feel that I receive good and competent advice from you and I am sure that I have the right people to talk to, even when it comes to problematic issues.“

Jörg Machalitzky, Group Leader Press and Public Relations Automobile
SUZUKI International Europe,
client from 2004 to 2010


„Klenk & Hoursch is methodically strong, reliable and quickly ready for use.“

Miriam Henn, Vice President Communications Germany
client from 2013 to 2014


„Good impulses, strategic thinking, content-related discussions - that's what I appreciate about Klenk & Hoursch.“

Anja Stolz, Head of Marketing and Communication
Commerzbank AG, client since 2010

Aktion Mensch

„You can rely on the high quality of Klenk & Hoursch!“

Sascha Decker, Spokesperson
Aktion Mensch, client since 2012


„A refreshingly different approach, a suitable location and a motivated Klenk & Hoursch team were perfect ingredients for a very good H3 Create workshop on "digital transformation".“

Dr. Frank Theilen, Vice President Digital Transformation


„We have identified many new impulses and basics that will accompany us on our path to digital transformation from now on. I am enthusiastic about the H3 Create workshop format, because the good preparation and the exact follow-up by the workshop leaders led us directly to our goal.“

Sabine André, Marketing Director Aventics


We have 15 customers and 17 employees for 3 years or longer.

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