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International work is everyday life for our client teams

The challenges which our agency and our employees face have changed quite a bit over the years. Many of our clients operate on an international level, and in recent years advanced digitalization has ensured that communication can no longer be thought of and executed on a national level alone.

In order to adapt to these changes, we became a partner of the PROI Worldwide network in 2014. We now support our clients on international programs with the help of our partner agencies abroad. We learn from the best global practices by participating in and contributing to international conferences. Since 2016 our employees have had the opportunity to participate in an international exchange program and get to know the work of our 85 PROI partner agencies even better onsite.

A benefit for our clients

Each of the agencies has its own particular profile and specific expertise.The agencies are present in 165 cities in 50 countries and cover different languages. By working onsite, our employees broaden their professional horizons and find inspiration in new ideas. They can then bring these valuable solutions back to Germany for client work at Klenk & Hoursch.

A chance to expand horizons

Start working at Klenk & Hoursch and you will learn lots, and quickly – we guide you methodically while having fun on the way. Diversity and variety are necessary to maintain a steep learning curve; our exciting clients and our methodically driven approach to corporate and brand communications in the digital era provides just that.

Our exchange program means employees also have the opportunity to broaden their personal horizons, particularly their social and intercultural communication skills. Our international exchange program thus strongly reflects our values of “Strengths, diversity”.

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Kathrin Schum

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Our international exchange program


  • Hanna, Juni 2023 bei KISS Communications in Cambridge (Großbritannien)


  • Corinna, May 2019 at Walker Sands in Chicago (USA)


  • Sebastian, August 2018 at Falls Communications in Atlanta (USA)


  • Nadine, May 2017 at Lansons in London (GB)
  • Ina, May 2017 at Släger Kommunikasjon in Oslo (Norway)


  • Julia, March 2016 at Atmosphere Communications in Kapstadt (South Africa)
  • Simeon, April 2016 at 360 PR in Boston (USA)
  • Irina, April 2016 at 24/7 Communication in Warschau (Poland)


9 employees have participated in the PROI exchange since 2016.

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