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Empathetic methodologist, inquisitive lateral thinker

She has an eye for customer needs and a knack for data and structural analyses.

Karin Gessner drives insight-based communication for medium-sized and Dax-30 companies, ensuring that the communication approaches are relevant to the target group. For Karin, this means delving deep beneath the surface in order to control individual messages and content -in the appropriate form, touchpoint and time. Empathetic lateral thinking and targeted analyses are the basis for successful strategic-creative communication.

Karin Gessner studied Intercultural European and American studies at the Martin-Luther University in Halle and has been with Klenk & Hoursch since 2013. She lives in Frankfurt and in her free time enjoys spreading joy when she performs as a trained clown.


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Karin Gessner

Senior Consultant

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Phone+49 151 184 839 41

„Just as mathematics lives from logic, communication lives from empathy. Without it, messages are lost in empty phrases.“ 

Karin Gessner

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