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Vitamix Online Relations

High performance for the web

Challenge / Approach

From 0 to 100: Vitamix entered the German market in 2013. Despite being market leading, neither the brand nor the products from the high-performance blender category were recognized in Germany: only 2% had heard of the American company. To start with, the brand lacked communications strategies, activities and a German website. Klenk & Hoursch had the task of drawing attention to the Vitamix brand and products in Germany, as well as positioning the high-performance blender in the market.


To this end, a cross-media brand and product communications strategy was launched. The website was established as home base for influencer marketing and social media channels. There, all important information can be found – from explanations of the term "high-performance mixer" to product information, recipes and customer service. There was also a focus on food and lifestyle blogger cooperation, thus increasing the visibility and attention brought to the products. Based on a comprehensive social media analysis and the strategy derived from it, the German-language Facebook page was launched in January 2015. This appealed to target audiences across all channels.


As part of the approach, a total of 17 videos were produced, depicting official Vitamix testimonial chefs and bloggers sharing their "success stories". These included TV chef Klaus Velten, 3-star chef Christian Jürgens and blogger Karin Buhl. The results speak for themselves:

  • 50 Blogger co-operations (145 processed requests)
  • Increase in blogger requests / month: from 2 in 2014 to an average of 18 requests
  • Around 200 generated blog posts, numerous Instagram-, Facebook- and Snapchat-Posts
  • 93% above average positive or neutral responses on Facebook
  • Organic growth of the Facebook community from 0 to 3,217 Fans since 2015
14 Kathrin Schum

Kathrin Schum

Board & Partner

More about VITAMIX: Cross media Campaign for Market Entry?


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