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Communications with perspective

PARSHIP on track to becoming a market leader in the matter of love

Challenge / Approach

With the help of a science-based matching process, PARSHIP started a brand new online dating service in 2001. Their loving relationship with Klenk & Hoursch began in 2003, as they sought to position the young brand in the long term. The challenges: there was a problem with the image of frivolous online sex offers, the need to explain matchmaking and the reason behind the price, the lack of newsworthy topics and limited resources.


A three phase long-term media relations strategy is the foundation for a premium brand’s successful communications and positioning: phase 1 is about demarcating and differentiating from the market. In phase 2, the brand has to be relevant; in this case, by capitalizing on dominant themes relating to partner search and singles. This is further expanded on in phase 3 by positioning the brand as a market leader. Occupying topics like partnership and science, market trends, service quality and innovation led to successful implementation of the strategy. To remain newsworthy and showcase the serious and credible expertise PARSHIP drew on diverse approaches: representative studies and surveys, the use of testimonials and experts, as well as cooperating with numerous media outlets and connecting community management and engagement on Twitter and Facebook.


Thanks to proactive topic management, PARSHIP is always a step ahead of its competition in terms of positioning, reach, Share of Voice and messaging penetration. The following results illustrate the success:

  • Over 27,000 print, online, TV and radio posts (up to June 2018)
  • Over 90 (representative) and extremely successful consumer surveys
  • Massive sales growth & increased registrations at the start of the collaboration
  • Currently answer around 150 media enquiries per year
10 Marie Christine Kling

Marie-Christine Kling

Senior Consultant

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More than 27,000 print, online, TV and radio contributions were generated for PARSHIP between 2003 and 2018.

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