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Strong mind with a keen eye for detail.

Tchoko Souga is a convinced believer in the impact of strong stories and clear messages. Whether it's personal leadership communication, corporate or brand communication: Tchoko Souga stands for content and measures that reach minds and hearts alike. In consulting, she relies on precise analyses and open words. Directness and diplomatic skills are not a contradiction for her.

Tchoko Souga is with Klenk & Hoursch since 2007. Previously, she studied journalism, political science and literature at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. As a speaker on sustainability and inclusive leadership communication, she is active at conferences.

She lives in the north of Hamburg with her husband and two children and is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about bee-friendly gardening.


18 Tchoko Souga

Tchoko Souga


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Phone+ 49 171 2083993

„Relevant messages can establish a relationship between brand and consumer. It is always about a narrative that is equally meaningful for the brand and for people.“ 

Tchoko Souga

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