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Efficient executor with an unconventional mind

When it comes to developing attention-grabbing campaigns for media relations and online communications, Tchoko’s heart leaps. Whether corporate, brand or product PR, she stands for exceptional measures and a high standard of PR craftsmanship. When consulting, she offers precise analyses and frank feedback. Because she does not see directness and diplomacy as incongruous skills.

Tchoko Souga has worked at Klenk & Hoursch since 2007. Previously, she studied Journalism, Politics and Literature at the Mainz Johannes Gutenberg University. She can often be found speaking at conferences on Online and Media Relations.

She lives in Hamburg with her husband and two children and indulges in her weakness for tabloid journalism on her daily commute.


18 Tchoko Souga

Tchoko Souga


More about good media work in the digital era?


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„Relevant messages can establish a relationship between brand and consumer. It is always about a narrative that is equally meaningful for the brand and for people.“ 

Tchoko Souga

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