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Enjoying an ice-cream with Kaufland

How the company connects sustainability with indulgence

Challenge / Approach

Demeter certified, sustainably manufactured and locally produced: This is "Das Gute Eis" (“The Good Ice-cream”) by Kaufland. Our mission for the launch: create awareness for the off-label product and link the organic ice-cream with the food retailer and its commitment to sustainability.


One thing is clear: Sustainability is a trend. But a sustainable lifestyle means neither pointing the finger nor renouncing pleasure. In this sense, we communicate "Das Gute Eis" as a delicious, versatile product in the context of summer food trends. In doing so, we make use of all PESO channels (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned).

At the core of our activities are cooperation with an influencer and a special event for journalists. The influencer and food blogger Michaela Hartwig, alias "Törtchenherzog", becomes the face of "Das Gute Eis". She creates three different ice-cream recipes exclusively for the brand, sharing them on her social media channels. Her evocative pictures also complement the extensive press material and are used on Kaufland's corporate channels for the communication of the product.

With her young and refreshing manner, Michaela enchants the food and lifestyle journalists at the media event: by inviting them to an interactive live cooking event, Kaufland and Klenk & Hoursch offer the journalists the opportunity to learn everything about the product, the ingredients, the supply chain, as well as to conduct interviews, which position Kaufland as a sustainability expert – and of course to extensively sample the ice cream.


  • The evocative footage and the recipes of the food blogger perfectly showcase the new product and offer high-quality content for all communication activities.
  • Already during the event, many journalists share their impressions via social media. Numerous editors take up Törtchenherzog’s recipes and publish them in print and online
  • The journalists use the opportunity to get to know the spokespersons of Kaufland on site. They conduct interviews on the product, the organic strategy and the company's commitment to sustainability
  • Important media contacts are established and maintained
  • Coverage in food and lifestyle magazines generates brand awareness among media and consumers

Uta Rebentrost

Senior Consultant

More about KAUFLAND: Product Launch of „Das Gute Eis“?


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