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Channel-specific topic manager and guardian of crisis-tested relationships

Relationships lie at the heart of his work – journalists, bloggers, influencers, fans, clients. Through the strategic management of topic hooks, he uses the right tone and handpicked channels to bring clients’ subjects into the limelight. As an experienced crisis expert he knows about the opportunities and risks that come with building relationships – both online and offline.

He is a crisis and media trainer and regularly gives lectures on media relations and crisis communications in the digital era at the Dieburg media campus, SCM Berlin and depak amongst others.

Sebastian has been with Klenk & Hoursch since 2012. He studied political science, catholic theology and journalism in Mainz and in Perth, Australia. He lives on the west side of the Taunus in Wiesbaden – the perfect point of departure for sports activities in the forests and vineyards.


13 Sebastian Riedel

Sebastian Riedel

Senior Consultant

More about Media Relations und Crisis Communications in the digital era?


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„Anyone who only thinks of print when working with the media has already lost.“ 

Sebastian Riedel

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