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Multi-talented designer, branding enthusiast & creative mind.

It's all about branding, CD and any kind of visual brand communication? Hinriikka Silvennoinen is definitely the right person for the job. As a structured brand manager, the Finnish native approaches each assignment strategically and conceptually, developing compelling creative designs. She brings years of experience in marketing design for digital, print and TV, and is particularly passionate about the topic of corporate design & branding.

Hinriikka Silvennoinen studied International Business at SIB Reutlingen, earned an MBA at CSUEB Hayward and, after holding positions at JWT, GlaxoSmithKlein and Diageo, completed an additional degree in Communication Design at HTK Hamburg. She is leading the design team at Klenk & Hoursch since 2022. When she's not working for her clients, she loves to be somewhere in France with her drawing tablet.


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Hinriikka Silvennoinen

Creative Director


Klenk & Hoursch
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