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Media Production & Corporate Publishing

Reach and move people! With copy, images or video.

In the time of digital transformation, companies and brands need stories that are powerful enough to be (re)told. These stories have to be anchored in order to be effective. Whether this site is a blog, app, e-journal, brochure, video, podcast or slide show depends on the relevant audience.

Whether offline (reports, magazines, ads etc.) or online (newsletters, corporate blogs, microsites, videos, apps etc.), we offer concepts, designs and implementation at a high level. And whether the project is undertaken completely in-house or with your preferred partners, we always include the right mix of strategy and creation to put the final touches on the end product. With a focus on goals and target groups in line with your position. Simply methodical.

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Hinriikka Silvennoinen

Creative Director

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„Content has to visually inspire emotional responses in a matter of seconds to stick in someone’s mind.“ 

Hinriikka Silvennoinen

Klenk & Hoursch
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