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Online & Media Relations

The right story on the right channels.

Battling for attention has never been harder. The variety of channels and formats has never been greater. Conventional and online media, journalists and influencers, communities and user-generated content; owned, earned or paid. Successful storytelling requires professional media relations. It requires personal contacts, technical understanding and a feeling for stories and timing, as well as for language and images.

We give stories the wings to fly on all channels and in all formats. With relevant content and without fake news. This enables us to achieve massive sustainable reach for our clients. In this way, we ensure awareness, understanding, commitment and loyalty. We have won coveted awards for successful media relations with many of our clients.

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Andrea Morlok

Senior Consultant

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„Relationships need dialogue. We go about this strategically, but also with heart and soul.“ 

Marie-Christine Kling

Topic management

Class over mass – competence leads to expert status.

With our clients, we address specific topics in the media. Whether it’s in daily or business media, trade or consumer media, print, online, on TV or the Social Web.

We don't just aim for "coverage": we shape opinions and position company spokespeople as experts. Whether for lifestyle products, very complex social issues, or premium high-tech, the process is always the same and equally successful: working off workshops and topic-mining interviews, we define what the important angles and topics are. We individually address only a selected number of journalists with strong opinions and content that is highly relevant for the respective target groups. This leads to background talks and interviews with our clients' experts.

The process is fast, efficient and easy to control. The results are often resounding: from just a few contacts with particularly influential media, we are able to kick off and shape discussions and trends.

Case Studies

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