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Changing perceptions of medical cannabis

Educational communications for Canopy Growth’s brand positioning


In March 2017 cannabis is legally approved as a drug in Germany. Nevertheless, it still has a problematic image, because it is mainly perceived as an intoxicant. The medical possibilities, e.g. in pain therapy, are little known so far. Canopy Growth is the largest producer of medical cannabis in the world. When entering the German and European market in 2016, the Canadian company intends to position its medical brand Spectrum Therapeutics and educate about medical cannabis to overcome current prejudices. Klenk & Hoursch in this context employs trade media relations mainly targeted at healthcare professionals and patients.


With the help of scientific findings, Klenk & Hoursch underlines the benefits and effects of medical cannabis, thus reducing existing reluctance of many doctors, pharmacists and health insurance companies. Through strategic media relations, we establish contacts with relevant experts and opinion leaders in specialist and general media. The communication activities include the development of a storyline and associated press materials, the implementation of research and studies, the placement of interviews and casuistics, presentations of leading international experts at major trade fairs and congresses, dissemination of newsletters to HCPs and cooperation with opinion-leading media to improve the public climate.


The educational approach pays off: Through proactive media relations, journalists from specialist, special interest, consumer, business and daily media are informed about the options which medical cannabis offers in therapy. Klenk & Hoursch builds up a network of key journalists and experts and generates coverage in relevant media outlets.

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