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Ambassador for the Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt

Trainees train for school and trade fair visits

Challenge / Approach

Due to the demographic change, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Hessian financial administration to find suitable applicants for a dual education or a dual study programme.

Therefore, the programme "FRESCH - Finanzbeamte werben Schüler" has been running since 2015. Young employees of tax offices explain the relevance of taxes to students and advertise their working environment. Klenk & Hoursch is equipping the Oberfinanzdirektion with appropriate sets of messages in order to challenge the somewhat old-fashioned image and to inspire the students with enthusiasm for the subject of taxation.


The message sets are developed in joint workshops. Different employee groups develop a central storyline and the corresponding core messages. This way, the ambassadors are optimally prepared for school and trade fair visits. Various storytelling elements and the company's own moving image formats arouse additional interest during presentations at schools and at trade fairs. In the all-day training sessions, practical exercises take place again and again in order to anchor the developed messages and formats. In the end, the social relevance and tasks of the Hessian tax authorities are explained just as quickly as the advantages of dual training or dual studies.


In the various rounds of workshops and training sessions, the ambassadors gain the confidence to place their messages in schools and at trade fairs. This leads to a high level of satisfaction among the participants. The practical exercises and individual workshop contents help in everyday life and are successfully used during school and trade fair visits with positive feedback from students and visitors.

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Julia Bartels


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