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Attention for Oncological Expertise

Creating awareness for the highly specialized clinic Medias Klinikum

Challenge / Approach

The specialists at the oncology clinic Medias Klinikum in Burghausen are leaders in the field of regional chemotherapy, an alternative to systemic chemotherapy. Even though this therapy option has been successfully used at Medias Klinikum for decades, it is still little known among patients. It is therefore important to raise awareness for this special treatment option for both, patients and oncologists.


Klenk & Hoursch supports the oncology clinic in establishing and expanding relationships with trade and consumer media, raising awareness of cancer topics and alternative treatment options, and publishing articles in specialized and general media. For example, the oncology clinic was successfully published in special issues of daily media ranging from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to the Münchener Abendzeitung. In addition, the clinic’s media presence is extended via online media and patient magazines.

Besides media relations, Klenk & Hoursch is further developing the website, supporting social media communications, and managing Google Ads campaigns. Additionally, healthcare professionals are directly informed about relevant topics via newsletters and mailings, e. g. about new studies, clinical trials and other interesting insights.


Klenk & Hoursch uses media relations and a continuous, professional online and social media presence to create awareness for the innovative cancer therapies of the highly specialized clinic, both locally and nationwide. Sensitive patient communication and reliable information are particularly important to us.

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