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International Product Launch Event

The story to the market entry of the Jägermeister Manifesto

Challenge / Approach

In 2017, for the first time in the company's history, Jägermeister planned to launch a new spirit on the market that was to be positioned above the classic Jägermeister: Jägermeister Manifesto. Together with Klenk & Hoursch, Jägermeister developed an exclusive launch event based on a detailed concept that included key activities, messaging and an appealing storyline for the event. International trade journalists and relevant key influencers were able to convince themselves of the premium quality of the new product first hand.


A vintage hotel in Berlin was transformed into a Manifesto-Bar and thus into an exclusive event stage for the new spirit. After a short video introduction, a speaker from Klenk & Hoursch presented the story behind the product. A live tasting with the internationally renowned barkeeper Nils Boese gave journalists and influencers a taste of the product. In the meantime, individual background discussions took place with selected key media to deepen the details. All Jägermeister speakers were provided with Q&A documents and key messages in advance to ensure consistent product storytelling throughout. In order to guarantee communication beyond the event, journalists and key influencers received individual press kits with exclusive, high-quality giveaways in their hotel rooms.


With invitations printed on high-quality wood, more than 60 trade journalists and key influencers from all over the world were brought to Berlin. The worldwide positive coverage testified to the full success of the event. All relevant media reported on the product launch. The desired positioning of the new product was concordantly adopted by the media and the new super premium spirit of Jägermeister was popularized.

6 Prof  Dr  Volker Klenk

Prof. Dr. Volker Klenk


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