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International Communication for Jägermeister

Challenge / Approach

International communication holds special challenges!

Whether working on a German project internationally or an international project in Germany, you always need local expertise and on-site support. When Mast-Jägermeister SE planned to take over its long-standing US distributor Sidney Frank in 2014, the company faced these challenges; to overcome them, they relied on their trusting partnership with Klenk & Hoursch. The central questions for the communications support were: how can we establish a close relationship with the US media and employees from Germany? How can we avoid rumours and uncertainties? And how can we integrate the subsidiary into the Jägermeister family?


Klenk & Hoursch supported the complex takeover process in three communications phases:

  • Phase 1: Preventing any publicity during takeover negotiations and support via prepared communications activities. This ensured quick and purposeful reactions to potential rumours or “leaks”.
  • Phase 2: The successful takeover was announced in close cooperation with all parties involved and Sidney Frank employees were integrated into the Jägermeister family without unsettling customers or employees.
  • Phase 3: The launch of a targeted yet broad communication strategy. In cooperation with a partner with relevant media contacts and experience with the heavily regulated US spirits industry and the M&A business. As a member of the exclusive agency network PROI Worldwide, Klenk & Hoursch found such a partner in a New York agency. While overall planning, management and German communications were handled by Klenk & Hoursch, the on-site PROI colleagues took care of activities such as media analyses, monitoring and communication and the welcome party.



At the beginning of August 2015, after more than a year of preparation, the takeover of Sidney Frank with about 180 new employees was successfully completed – from a communications point of view as well. Targeted activities reduced uncertainties for employees and partners and the atmosphere at the welcome party in the US was relaxed. Coverage ranged from neutral to positive.

6 Prof  Dr  Volker Klenk

Prof. Dr. Volker Klenk


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