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Trainings and webinars on patient-oriented communication for a clinic group

How repositioning can be communicated in the shortest time possible

Challenge / Approach

As a private hospital operator with more than 50 clinics and numerous medical care centers spread throughout Germany, the clinic group cares for around five million patients annually and employs around 60,000 people. The task for Klenk & Hoursch: to train the 150 copywriters at all locations on brand essence, corporate language and target group-oriented copywriting for website, SEO and social media as part of a repositioning.


In order to keep out-of-office times and travel costs low, the clinic group decides to design the training sessions as multi-stage webinars. Klenk & Hoursch develops the concept tailored to the company and conducts the trainings.

As a basis for all trainings and as a reference book for daily work, Klenk & Hoursch creates a practice-oriented copywriter's manual with a variety of examples for the newly developed corporate language. It explains the new patient-orientation, provides assistance for transforming the brand essence into content, and gives concrete advice for making complex topics easier to consume. It also introduces SEO basics and explains how copywriters can make a concrete contribution.

In three workshops in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, the content will be applied to specific websites and jointly examined for practicability and potential for improvement. Subsequently, six webinars will be held within three weeks to train online and social media managers at all sites on the new guidelines.


By means of workshops and webinars, our coaches train the communication teams at all sites of the clinic group. They create clarity about the orientation of online content, sharpen the sender-recipient perspective and explain dos and don'ts as well as SEO basics based on the practice-oriented copywriter's manual specially developed by Klenk & Hoursch.

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Daniel J. Hanke

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