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The complex made simple

A video for the Sparda-Bank

Challenge / Approach

The first climate neutral branch bank in Germany, Sparda-Bank Hamburg offers its customers the opportunity to support climate protection in day-to-day banking transactions with “Sparda Horizont”. However, the key points about climate neutrality needed an explanation: Klenk & Hoursch was in charge of making this complex product comprehensible and clear. The focus was placed on Sparda-Bank Hamburg’s strong regional ties and the principle of cooperation, as well as its wider sustainability commitment.


Klenk & Hoursch created a tailor-made explanation video about the product “Sparda Horizont” for external and internal communications. In cooperation with a partner, the video was designed as an animated illustration and was based on Sparda-Bank Hamburg’s corporate design: the "horizon" is a central design feature and acts as a visual bridge to the product. Similarly, the Hamburg scenery highlights the regional connection. Illustrations and the speaker emphasize the community spirit and demonstrates the bank’s commitment to sustainability. Overall, the clear, modern design and the central message underline the Zeitgeist of the product and not only address customers, but also the media and employees, including the young target groups.


The tailor-made approach resulted in a short video with a modern look, which simply and vividly explained the “Sparda Horizont” product. The video can be seen on the company website and on the Facebook page “Sparda Horizont”, which already boasts around 3,000 hits. It also is displayed at the PoS, on screens in the branches.

More about SPARDA-BANK: Video Explaining the Climate-Neutral Branch Bank?



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