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JägerNet. The Intranet for every Jäger and Meister

A relaunch with user participation, individually tailored

Challenge / Approach

At the end of 2016, Jägermeister’s rather conventional intranet was no longer fulfilling the company’s objectives and vision. As a result, the public relations department was commissioned to transform the static and little-used intranet into a platform for cross-departmental exchange and networking.


Klenk & Hoursch supervised the project right from the start and created an initial comprehensive concept for the relaunch.The key aspects:

  • Brand orientated design
  • To inspire and have fun
  • To promote transparency and a culture of openness
  • To promote discourse and exchanges (knowledge and cross-functional)

Following a global survey, user workshops were used to identify department-specific user needs, necessary functions and suitable content. Decisions about design and construction were based on four developed personas from the largest user groups. A guidance toolkit, a CEO video message and a billboard campaign raised awareness and sparked interest in the launch. The "JägerNet Story Manifesto", with principles for good intranet storytelling as well as a practical checklist for editorial feedback processes, helps with everyday usage.


The new JägerNET essentially means that the brand can be experienced internally: unique designs in the brand aesthetic, new features and messaging formats for interactions and inspiration, video news, Q&As, pin boards, expert profiles, Jägermeister emojis, Slack integration and enterprise search. Info-screens and a mobile app enable access for all employees. The main highlights were:

  • +24 point growth with the Net-Promoter – Score
  • 367 comments & 6,683 reactions (N = 865 users) in 6 months
  • 98 % increase in user satisfaction with the editorial content
  • 5x more editorial topics: 237 articles in 6 months
  • 3x active users
7 Dr  Georg Kolb

Dr. Georg Kolb


More about JÄGERMEISTER: Relaunch of the Social Intranet?


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