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We carved values in stone.


The core of our corporate culture is represented by our common values. We always come back to them. When we make staff decisions, when we evaluate our employees, and, of course, when we survey our clients’ satisfaction. This is how we ensure that we stay on track when things get rough. In our agency constitution this is how it reads:

Our striving is based on the principles of sustainable partnership and well­understood self­interests. It is our common belief that these principles will be realized when acting according to these core values:


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Quality, reliable
Quality is what sets us apart. This also applies to reliability. We don’t know mediocrity. We sprint but always go the long distance. We say what we think and do what we say. This creates partnerships, long-term relationships.

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Creativity, goal oriented
We develop innovative campaigns, tools, means and ways to the goal. We know that creative, emotional elements are at the heart of effective communication. We welcome bold ideas and enjoy the provocative.

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Efficiency, pragmatic
In the digital age, fast is often more important than perfect. A pragmatic solution is better than the perfect solution and can be quickly implemented without compromising our high quality standards. For us, order is not a state but a principle of success.

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Strengths, diverse
We strive for diversity of specialists and types. We support these by giving freedom and personal growth and personal initiative to promote, wherever possible. Joy of praise and the ability to respond positively to criticism to bring all of us further along both personally and professionally.

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Fun, cultural foundation
Quality and customer satisfaction go together and both require fun as fuel. Fun at work, with colleagues and customers, within the environment, while treating everyone with respect. We are fast, open, direct and straightforward, avoid doggedness and maintain fun as a foundation of our culture.

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Ambition, passionate
We are passionate, ambitious communications professionals. We are happy when we work hard and we always aim high. We believe that »Desire of Honour« (the Latin root of ambition), the irrepressible desire to have your deeds honoured and appreciated, is very important for motivation.

We love communication

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Management Board

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»Only rightly practiced values make strategies effective.«


We live our philosophy. Every day.

The fast lane

Klenk & Hoursch at a glance.

»We cultivate fun as a main driver of our culture.«

From our agency constitution.

von Rundstedt
»Expert knowledge paired with empathy; holistic thinking, linked to details; professionalism, interlinked with a personal, honoring attitude internally and externally, all this is bundled up at Klenk & Hoursch. All this amounts to the secret of success at Klenk & Hoursch.«

Charlotte Knappertsbusch, Division Manager Marketing of Rundstedt
von Rundstedt, client since 2008