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Communication in the force fields of digitalization and transparency

The most important strategy boosters for corporate communi­cations at present are digi­talization and trans­parency. Their force fields highly impact our counseling and imple­mentation.

Digi­talization has accelerated communi­cation and also democratized it. With digi­talization, information has become both traceable and available in the last corners of the earth. It also creates a continued state of trans­parency and in doing so makes it obliga­tory in the compe­tition for the trust of stake­holders.

Both boosters force corporate communi­cations to deal with new tools and channels, new communi­cation habits and demands as well as new networking dimensions.

The demand to ourselves: We use the constraints and chances of digi­talization and trans­parency in a constructive and formative manner for our clients’ success – in all our 14 practices of strategic corporate communi­cations.